Who can you become?

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Twenty years from now, you’ll see a photo of yourself and think, “I looked so young! So full of life and possibility.” Twenty years after that, you’ll look at photos from that age and think, “Ok, well I don’t look exactly young there, but a heck of a lot younger than I am now!”

Whatever age you are now, in the decades to come you will look back on yourself at and you’ll wonder, “what could have been?”

Whatever your age today, you have a chance to become the best version of you. 

In this current age of global lockdown, despite the multifaceted challenges, we also have an unprecedented opportunity. We have access to more information, more knowledge, and more timeless wisdom than any of the greatest kings or sages in history. Our vast personal library is available anytime with the click of a mouse.

Of course this vast library also contains an unprecedented collection of entertainment opportunities. Not to mention an endless supply of distractions.

Every day, each moment we have a choice: how will I spend this time? Will I use it to grow, learn, or adapt? To fortify my resilience and confidence for the challenges now and in the future? To carve out of the stone of my life the best sculpture that I can envision?

No doubt the alternatives of entertainment and distraction call strongly. Resistance requires massive willpower, which can be challenging.

Every day, each moment we can build the habits that lead to a fulfilling life. Setting small daily or weekly goals; building in moments of quiet and reflection into the day; and taking longer periods to reflect on who and where we want to be, we have many tools and practices to carve out this life sculpture.

The rewards are clear: your future self will thank you.

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